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Utilizing over a decade of practical experience managing trees for thousands of homeowners, municipalities, universities, and other institutions; my approach to sustainable tree care is to utilize knowledge of individual species cultural growing requirements and work to replicate each plants optimal growing conditions.  Various strategies include: soil amendments, prescription fertilization, beneficial insect releases, tree injections and organic treatment strategies.  Each client and their trees needs are unique and a customized approach works to best meet their desires and horticultural needs.


Hemlock Wooly Adelgid, and a host of other hemlock problems, are ravaging hemlocks in WNC forests and landscapes.  My approach seems to be unique to the WNC area.  Preferring to stay away from commonly used imidacloprid (merit) due to environmental, water safety, and pollinator safety concerns, I’ve designed an effective Integrated Pest Management strategy that utilizes horticultural oil treatments, beneficial insect releases, trunk injections and soil care.  This strategy is customized for each client’s needs.


As one of the only ISA Board Certified Master Arborists in WNC, I’m uniquely qualified to serve as an expert witness, design and implement tree management plans for estates and institutional clients, and write arborists reports for residential and commercial clients.  I’ve worked in various consulting capacities for other arborists, landscapers, landscape architects, homeowners, munipalities, and universities.


The expertise of Mr. Duffy is unmatched, and, while the technical information provided was highly advanced, his explanations were easily understood by a novice like me. He also communicated much advice about caring for shrubs and trees surrounding my more manicured flower garden.

Pamela S, Hendersonville, NC


Nick is very professional and obviously knows “his stuff” about trees, shrubs, etc. So far he has done exactly what he has said he would, and we’re very pleased.

Greg P, Hendersonville, NC


Professional interaction, fair price for service and timely execution of tree treatment.

Summersby Park HOA, Hendersonville, NC


Knowledgeable; helpful advice; good follow in writing as needed.

Susan B, Cashiers, NC


Looking forward to good results, fine and timely service to date.

Ken W, Brevard, NC



After graduating from the Penn State School of Horticulture, I worked in various capacities in commercial and municipal arboriculture in Cape Cod, MA, Central PA, and Hilton Head Island, SC before settling in the Brevard, NC area.  In 2007 I became an ISA Certified Arborist and in 2012 I became the youngest ISA Board Certified Master Arborist, joining an elite group of arborists numbering fewer than 500 in the world.  With a desire to practice more progressive and sustainable plant health care strategies, my wife Racheal and I along with our daughters Addison and Mallory decided to settle in WNC.  It’s truly an exciting opportunity to practice arboriculture in one of the most biologically diverse regions in the country and interact with homeowners and other green industry professionals to help save and protect one our areas most treasured assets: our trees.


Progressive & sustainable tree care services in Hendersonville, Flat Rock & Laurel Park, NC and beyond.

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